Festive (Low Calorie) Pomegranate Mocktail

Pomegranate Mocktail

These pomegranate mocktails are a great way keep in the spirit of the season, without going overboard on calories or alcohol.

I love a good cocktail as much as the next girl– but both because I don’t like the excess calories, and I don’t like to get too tipsy, I always have a water or soda water in my other hand when I’m drinking. Or, I’ll just have a soda between drinks to pace myself. This also helps with hydration and prevents a hangover.

This “mocktail” would be great served at a holiday meal, or as an alternative to a cocktail at a party — there’s always people who’d prefer not to drink, and of course for the DDs! It’s a great way to make a non-alcoholic drink special and fun so those not partaking don’t feel left out.

This “recipe” is super simple. Really, it’s just throwing fruit into soda water. But I’ve been drinking so many of these, I wanted to share it!

Pomegranate Soda

We are in the midst of packing up for our trip back to Oregon. We leave at 8 tonight for the airport, land in Singapore a bit after midnight, and stay in the transit hotel until our next flight leaves in the morning. We prefer to fly the airline that leaves from Singapore rather than the one that leaves from KL. Maybe adding an extra flight isn’t the best approach — but we are generally happier on the flight when we do it.

And then, a few weeks of fun with the family! My brother had a baby girl this past July, and I can’t wait to meet her. And of course, to see my 2 year old nephew who was just a year when I was home last.

Our plans other than visiting with family? Playing in the snow! We will spend a couple of days in a cabin with some friends snowshoeing. We always do a ton of hiking — snow or not — when we’re in Oregon.

And eating some good Mexican food. Ahh– it will feel so nice to actually get to eat a few (healthy) meals out. One of our first stops is always Longboard Louie’s — best fish tacos in town. Maybe in Oregon. Maybe anywhere.

Festive (Low Calorie) Pomegranate Mocktail
Easily customizable! The pomegranate adds a pop of sweetness, with no other sweetener being necessary.
  • soda water
  • pomegranate arils
  • lemon, lime, or orange slices
  • ice
  1. Add pomegranate and slices of citrus to your soda water for a special, low calorie mocktail.


Pomegranate MocktailWhat are your plans for the holidays?
Staying close, or traveling far?

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